Stay connected and communicate with me and your recruiter through the list below.  I believe communication is vital to your success!

1.  Stay connected with the company through your Mary Kay InTouch page.  To set your page up, log in with your consultant I.D. and your mother’s maiden name the first time.  You will reset it.  Here is a checklist to help you get started.

2.  “Those who show up, go up!”  Your weekly MNL (Monday Night Live Unit Meeting).  You’ll be presented with your Mary Kay Pin!!

3.  VOXER:  Download the voxer app on your cell phone.  It’s like a walkie talkie for quick voice to voice communication with me and receive great recorded training as well.

4.  FACEBOOK:  Find me on Facebook Sandra Copeland and send me a friend request

5.  Unit Website: Visit it often!